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The setting, and perhaps in some way the reason, for the story you're about to hear, the secret that lay behind it If not for its wide, sweeping driveway, its swimming pool, its glorious views across the valley, to the river, to grajd town, to the mountains beyond -- and its hefty monthly payment -- would any of this have happened?

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We also would like to thank the Grand Junction Police Department.

And her friends? Paige's Parents: If you have a situation where Paige won't cross the line, and you have somebody that's unsatisfied with that, then things can get out of hand.

They're not minor things. And they tried to tell themselves their panic was mistaken… she'd turn up, cheerful as ever.

But people here in Grand Junction certainly remembered Dixon. But then this was years ago.

Massage Therapist. Rating: 4. Massage means a method of treating the body of another for medical, remedial or hygienic purposes, including but not limited to rubbing, stroking, kneading or tapping with the hand or servie instrument or both. Could they believe his story? And she had told me they both said, "Oh, we don't want.

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Stanley Hilkey: I'm hopeful that one day we'll get our day in court. Dec 28, — Birgfeld — a mother of three who authorities say ran an escort service. And so he's been cooperative as well. But the crowds of volunteers declined. In as much as it related to allegations of domestic violence, he didn't do anything to her.

Nov 22, — Paige Birgfeld, 34, slain mother of three from Grand Junction, led a double life, also working for an escort service. Ah, yes, that. And junftion was a person that-- she-- one of the nature of anybody being an ex-husband or having that kind of relationship is a person that is included in any kind of investigation like that.

Warrants were obtained. Investigators were about to uncover the secret life of a soccer mom. When they finally divorced, Dixon moved clear across the country and Paige got the children, but worried a lot, said her parents, about retaining full custody.

His chance, it seemed perhaps, had come again. Lots of space to keep looking, and against all the junctiin, keep hoping. And when her second marriage collapsed? Dixon even had been arrested a couple of times.

Who she's calling. And that was her worst fear. Paige Birgfield, the beautiful young mother had a secret second life.

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But her parents and friends, or, most of her friends say, they had no idea she was financing it with a secret business in topless massages and escort services. Stanley Hilkey: It opens up the door for a lot of speculation.

On fire, right in town, just a few miles from her house. Keith Morrison: But if you don't find a body, if you don't find Paige, it seems reasonable to think that the person of interest can go on living his life without fear of being prosecuted. Paige was just 24 then.

The soccer-mom/stripper. You'd go out for usually two hours. Laughter Andrea Land: You know, you throw a pebble in a pond and watch the ripples. Keith Morrison: I assume he's denied any responsibility. Dixon was fine, they decided. That for whatever held her up, had to have been something wrong or she would granf never been away from her children overnight.

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Amazing, really. Apr 7, — The Mesa County Sheriff's Office, Grand Junction Police Department, Palisade (HSI), US Marshals Service (USMS), and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Two counts of Soliciting for child prostitution (Class 3 Felony). Jaime: She told me back in May that they were kinda starting to get back together, she'd been texting him and she kinda told esxorts in a giggly school girl kind of way that made me feel like she was really excited. And I said, "What do you mean, missing?

A little bit pricey Junvtion Morrison: You haven't swooped down and arrested him?