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How to profile a person

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View and update profile item details. You can also use this to add a profile item.

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Employees can view active non-person profiles only.

The Non-person Profile displays approved items only. Save Click this button to save the changes you have made. For a person profile, the header includes the person ID. For example, if you syndicate content from more than one source profile into a target profile, it is possible for the same item to occur in the source profiles prlfile with different values.

When you update the status to Inactive, the system removes the profile from the profile groups to which it belongs. Syndicate content into a non-person profile from another profile. Profile Group ID Select the profile group to which the profile is added.

Add Profile to Group Click this link to add the profile to another group. Add, update, or view profile items that are related to a selected profile item. The header includes general information such as the profile ID, profile type, profile status, and effective date. Most people would hod this is the best neighbor on the block.

The system displays the Search for Profiles. When setting up syndication, you should consider what happens when the target profile already includes an item that is in the syndicate source profile. The Source column displays the name of profile from which the profile item was copied.

This icon is displayed when a profile item has more hoe one effective-dated row only. The profile type determines the tabs that appear in the profile. This diagram shows how the tabs and content sections of a profile are determined by the tabs and content sections of the profile type; in this example, the three tabs in the profile type automatically exist in the related profile, as do the content sections within the tabs: The profile type serves as a template for the tabs and content sections in a profile The profile type provides the structure for a profile, it does not provide the actual content.

Profiles are ased this value if any of the profile identities linked to the profile are defined as template only the End Profile check box is not selected and the Template check box is selected and none of the profile identities is defined as end profile. Add, update, and view profile item details. The tabs that appear on the profile and content section within each tab are determined by the tl type selected.

Additional properties in the non-person source profile type are not copied. Owner Select the employee ID of the profile owner. So profils may be surprised to learn that this very neighbor “was a sexual sadist who was using a small. Add and update profile groups for a profile. The default values can be defined for that property in the content section of the profile type.

Click the Source link to view the source profile. The fields on this are how by the profile type associated with the profile. Submit changes to non-person persons. For example, if you link a profile to a job code, the system checks whether job code is specified as an end profile or template in the profile type. Jan 19, — Keep the conversation flowing by asking questions.

Whenever syndicated content is updated, the changes are incorporated into the target profiles automatically. To streamline the process of creating and maintaining pprofile, Manage Profiles provides three ways to copy profile items. Tabs prfoile of one or more profile sections. When you create a non-person profile, the default status is Inactive.

The system determines which non-person profiles are related person an employee by searching the employee's job data record. When you import content, the system copies the profile items from the source profile into the target profile. This section includes links that indicate how many profile items are saved but not submitted for approvalpending approval, approved, or were denied approval. This diagram and the following text identify the elements in these s: Format of a profile Here how a description of the profiles of a profile: Header.

This profile action is available from the Non-person Profile only. Confirms the changes have been submitted. How to use Typecase (Content Publisher) to create a Person profile about a member of University staff and their role. In this situation, the system updates the target profile with the values from the source profile, effectively overriding the existing values.

On the Non-person Profilethe Profile Associations scroll area lists any entities to which the profile is associated. Jow Publisher technology generates the printable file using the same template and layout as the Non-Person Profile batch report. Items approved Displays the of items that have been approved. View Related Job Profiles: To display a list of non-person profiles that are related to the employee's job data.

Express Interest for Employee: To add the profile perspn a person's interest list.

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Make sure to be cognizant of any slang, exaggerations, persno, self-criticism, or gossip, as. Create and update non-person profiles. Select profiles for import or syndication. Search and Compare Profiles: To run a search. Update Profile Groups: To categorize your profiles by profile groups. Profile Associations non-person profiles only.

The profile s displays approved items only. However, the Saved Items link appears to enable you perdon view the changes you have saved but not submitted.

See Also PeopleSoft 9. You can only update the status to Active when the profile is linked to one or more profile identities and approved. Inactive: Profiles that are inactive are not available to employees and managers in self-service. Profiles are divided into tabs that appear as links as shown in this example: When you click the tab name, the content sections for that tab are displayed.

Use the links in this area of the profile to view the changes that are unapproved. The system displays the Update Profile Groupswhich you use to list the profile group types and profile groups to which you want to add the profile.