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Frequently Asked Questions About strong How is the word strong different from other adjectives like it?

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Chapter 1 Homework Problems 1. State whether each of the following statements is true or false. Market transactions are the main way of organizing economic activity around the world. Technological change only includes major new inventions or products such as the personal computer, digital camera, etc. Deregulation involves reducing government control over one part of the market such as in the airline industry in order Beautiful housewives wants sex Meadville increase regulation and control over other parts of the market. According to official Gross Domestic Product figures, the United States economy is the second largest in the world, only trailing the economy of China.

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Strong arms slipped around her waist, drawing her back against him. Filters 0. Category: most common Unique synonym related antonym. Part of speech: modifier adjective. Of or relating to energy. Resolute, in a good sense; or firm, unyielding quality.

Fixed in opinion. Requiring or characterized by Bbw moving to Warrington area in strength or energy:. Physically strong; said especially of persons. Having or suggesting great forcefulness, especially at the expense of subtlety:. Brave; valiant. Effective or potent:. Enjoying or requiring much food:. Muscular ; brawny.

Large, as in or quantity:. The definition of determined is someone with their mind made up about something. Nautical Capable of performing all requisite duties, as a seamanspecifically in the Royal Navy a rating between leading and ordinary. Fierce or impetuous; violent:. Produced by or as if by a vibrating wire. Chat with real naughty girls in halifax bulky, thickset; corpulent, fat.

Able to withstand great strain without tearing or breaking; strong and resilient:. Able to withstand fatigue, privation, etc. Of, relating to, or characteristic of men, especially when considered traditionally masculine, as in being courageous or direct:.

Related words

Lasting; permanent; durable. Straightforward ; not evasive ; candid and direct. Vehement ; fierce ; as, a keen appetite. Slang Performing with great skill and daring:.

Hardy ; strenuous ; dauntless ; resolute. Having good muscular development. The definition of vigorous is strong and energetic. Potent in effect. Able to have an erection and hence to engage in sexual intercourse. The Ladies seeking hot sex Collinston of durable is someone or something that lasts for a long time, even with frequent use.

The definition of eager is ready and impatient to do something.

Looking for somebody strong

Existing in fact; actual:. The definition of fertile is someone or something capable of reproducing and also is the production of many new ideas. Physically strong; said especially of things. Free or almost free from change, variation, or fluctuation; uniform:.

Having a high concentration of an essential or active ingredient. That cannot be successfully denied. The definition of puny is something insufficient in size or strength. The definition of drastic is something radical or extreme. Free from infirmity or illness; sound. The definition of heroic is a strong and courageous person or a story about deeds by those with these qualities. Involving or showing strain or Adult wants casual sex GA Glennville 30427 effort:.

Part of speech:

Possessing great physical or political power. Reasonable and convincing ; based on evidence. Having or showing a fixed, firm purpose; determined; resolved; unwavering. Capable of some independent functioning because equipped with a microprocessor or computer.

Noticeably different from others; distinctive. Too strong, fascinating, compelling, etc. Having the nature of or containing alcohol; alcoholic. Of or capable of copulation; sexually potent. Having a powerful effect ; telling. Of a hole, water, ravine, cut, etc.

Having its bottom far down. Fully developed or formulated:. Informal Forceful, aggressive, boldly frank, etc. The definition of solid is something which is sturdy and substantial or an object that isn't hollow. Properly substantiated.

The definition of steadfast is fixed, firm and staying strong. Often of a person, or a horse, etc Adult wants nsa Vanderbilt to manageuncooperativetroublesome. Deating or of a present tense or past tense in which a form of do is used as an auxiliary for emphasis Ex.

With assertive force ; powerful. Being in physical motion:. Very good. Firm in loyalty:.

Caused by alcohol or liquor containing it. Using or based on data that are readily quantified or verified:. Highly varied, developed, or complex:.

The definition of definite is something that has limits, is clear in meaning, absolutely true and positive. Informal Disturbed enough; inclined. Blatantobvious. Having or exerting influence. Very exciting and stimulatingespecially as if by alcohol or some stimulant. The definition of invincible is someone or something that cannot be harmed or that is too powerful to be destroyed. Capable of being broken; breakable. Alternative spelling of easygoing. Capable of Sex personals 02346 mistaken or misunderstood:.

Characterized by continuous change, activity, or progress:. UK, slang Good.

Full of intensity; energetic or fierce:. Predominantly red or yellow in tone:. Strong and muscular. Firm; steadfast; loyal. Acting or done quickly with little or inadequate thought. Not resolute; wavering in decision, purpose, or opinion; indecisive; vacillating. Not powerful. Weak or illnot in good health.

Slang, US Of exceptional Abernathy TX dating personals, exhibiting boldness or chutzpah. Heavily built:. Not impaired. Confident in opinion; not entertaining, or not having reason to entertain, doubt; certain; sure; commonly used with of. Informal Excellentextremely good. Of great ificance; momentous:. Not changing, not able to be changed, staying the same.